The Golden Sword

The series is written for young teens, but many adults have been picking it up and enjoying it too! Just have a look at the 5* reviews on Amazon – View the rave reviews here

This then, is ‘The Golden Sword’ in a nutshell -

‘Arthur Penhaligon is a reluctant teenage hero, chosen before birth to be Cornwall’s protector.

Until now his life has been the life of any average kid; hanging out with his friends, school and skateboarding.

But life is about to get complicated.

This is the story of his battle against dark and powerful forces.

It's a story of time-travelling and ancient knights and deep magic.

Will Arthur and his friends hold out against the evil Matearnas and her allies?

Or will he be defeated?

One thing's for certain – normal is going out of the window.’

The story of ‘The Golden Sword’ sort of crept up on me and took over. I honestly can’t say when the seed was first sown! But before I knew it, I was jotting down ideas and writing the first draft. Then life got in the way and, for several years, the manuscript was left to gather dust until early 2012. It was a chance remark by a friend (thank you Rob), and having more time, that permitted the pages to be dusted off, re-read, re-written, edited and re-edited.

My writing method involves a lot of walking and note-taking. I do a very rough outline of the story but, however much I plan, unknown characters and events creep in without even asking. They help to decide the story – and the outcome – I have very little say in it!

‘The Golden Sword’ features three friends; Arthur, Nick and Tamar. I love Nick, he makes me giggle, probably because he reminds me of some of the boys I’ve taught. But I also really enjoy the Watchers, the time travellers who are observing events, and their interaction with each other. 

As for when I knew I wanted to write, it’s been a slow-burn thing. 

Anyone who’s had the privilege to teach, will know that there’s nothing more magical than watching a class full of children hanging on every word as you read a story to them. 

It was my dream to create that story; one that would captivate children and urge them to turn the pages.

As I said, ‘The Golden Sword’ is the first in ‘The Camelot Inheritance’ series. The second is due out very soon and is called, ‘The Time Smugglers’. Hold on to your hats guys because there’s magic, time travelling and a tiny dragon involved.

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