Shops in Polperro

No you wont find a major supermarket in the little Polperro, what you will find is an array of local family run shops and businesses. Take a look at some you must visit when you are down.


Polperro News

Whether you are staying in a tent, a cottage or a caravan - Polperro News offers full range of locally sourced products. The shop is family run, so whilst popping into Polperro News in the morning you will end up getting to know the hard working team. 

If you end up missing them whilst you are away or want to hear any other local gossip then connect to them on Twitter or check the harbour webcam to see what the weather looks like.

Stocking:  Logs, coal, newspapers, fresh fruit and veg, cold drinks, sweets, icecream and lots more.

Polperro News

The Moon and Sixpence

So if you love pink everything, then you will love this shop. Everything is pink, purple and about fairies. Ranging from little gifts to limited edition porcelin figures - perfect for presents to bring back home to show that you have been to the magical land of Polperro.

Stocking: Everything pink and fairy based, from pens, pencils, dresses, umbrellas, art and figures.


Polperro Fairy Shop

Polperro Bakery

No visit to Cornwall is complete without a delicious Cornish Pasty, so why not make it part of your day by buying one, two or even a box of ten. The Polperro Bakery based in the middle of Polperros main street it is the place in the village to pick up 

Stocking: Bread, doughnuts, Cornish pasties, pies and other bakery goods.

Polperro Bakery